MTC tufting technology in application of digital printed carpet
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MTC tufting technology in application of digital printed carpet

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MTC tufting technology in application of digital printed carpet

Date Issued 2021.11.25

With the continuous development and improvement of technology, the application of digital printing in the field of flooring material has opened a new track for the carpet industry. In recent years, printing carpet with its short production cycle, high efficiency, strong strain ability, can meet customers in a short period of time, diversified, personalized order demand and the market favor. Tianjin Cuihuangkou as a famous carpet production base, in just a few years, 70% - 90% carpet manufacturers have switched to digital printing production, delivery speed and product quality has been greatly improved, tianjin, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai and other entire carpet industry almost every year with more than 200% of the speed of blowout type growth. Tianjin local enterprises every day about 200,000 square meters of shipments, digital printing carpet market demand. While market demand surges, quality is an important factor to seize market share, and the choice of printing equipment directly affects the quality of printed carpet. MTC carpet machinery gathers level cut pile and level loop pile leading tufting machines, continue to show the industry more new products, new technology, new achievements, new ideas.

MTC is a high-tech enterprise engaged in tufting carpet production technology and complete set of equipment manufacturing, committed to providing professional carpet complete set of solutions. The series of equipment introduced by MTC is easy to operate and runs stably 24 hours a day. It is not only applied to the printing production of carpets of different materials, but also realizes the technological innovation of washing free on the carpet printing of nylon, wool and modified dacron. In recent years, MTC RD team strives for perfection, further implement the strategy of innovation of the company, the successful extension intelligence and industrial class scope of artificial turf technology to blanket production, and solve the production management technical problems due to process adjustment and control of power, in the production of a small batch order and personalization and expand the development in the field of jacquard art carpet.

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