FRS for Carpet Tile Jacquard Tufting Machine
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FRS for Carpet Tile Jacquard Tufting Machine FRS for Carpet Tile Jacquard Tufting Machine
FRS for Carpet Tile Jacquard Tufting Machine FRS for Carpet Tile Jacquard Tufting Machine


FRS for Carpet Tile Jacquard Tufting Machine

1. Tufting machine with MTC patent technology pile data automatic change device
  • normal tufting machine for carpet or artificial grass
  • Jacquard artifical grass tufting machine
  • High speed carpet tufting machine
  • multi-color both cut pile and loop pile tufting machine
2.warp knitting machine
3.nonwoven production line
  • MTC-CH

Product Description

In the past 15 years, MTC has continuously increased investment in research and development of tufting carpet machinery and carpet processes, production technology innovation and equipments upgrading. Our newly developed tufting machines has filled the gap of carpet and artificial grass industry in China.

Functional Jacquard Tufting Carpet Machine 1/8"GG High cut Multi loop with Sliding Bar
High-performance Tufting machines for flexible and technical carpets
Model:(MTC-MH, IPD+HCML tufting machine)                                            
The body Frame is partly cast frame,Main mechanical drive part all made of NSK and IKO bearings of Japan brand, adopts 45# steel modulation polishing shaft
Main Motor : Seimens China                                            
Working width:4.1m                                            
Gauage:1/8"GG,high cut multi loop pile  2colors IPD
Straight single needle structure needle beam                                            
Variable frequency adjustable motor                                            
Automation adjustable bed plate and locking system                                            
Adjustable stroke                                            
Weight: About 11 tons                                            
Total Power: 55KW, 380VAC 3Phase 50Hz                                            
Pile Height:cut pile:5-25mm, loop pile: 3-13mm                                            
Stitch: 20-60 stitch per 10cm (pur customers requests)                                            
Speed: 300-550 RPM (level cut pile 700rpm Max.)                                            
Machine Dimension(without creel):    2400(D)x8000(W)x3000(H)  
Include 1 set of Double servo backing control system, easy to adjust stitch by software                            
one set of precise aluminum puller                                            
Include 1 set of FRS (Full Repeat Scroll-based)  with 1324 scrolls yarn-guiding system
Include 1 set of LCL device based on 1324 valves                                            
Start control cabinet, soft start/stop, High Parking, Fault indication, meter counter, Configure front pull switch, front photoelectric switch
1pc of Yarn collecting plate                                            
Include 1324 pcs needles, hook, forks according to 4.1m configuration. And 50pcs needles, hooks, forks each for spare use
One set of Jacquard control cabinet and software                                    
Optional Device            
2* 1324 ends creel                                    
The mending frame and winding unit                                            
with tool kit and splicers

Q1:We are interested in the carpet tuftting machine,Could you quote the latest price to us?
A1: In order to recommend the suitable machine for you ,please provide following information before we quote price:
     1.Which type carpet will you need to make? (wall-to-wall ,rugs,tiles,articial grass,etc)
     2.What's your  max carpet  size? (means machine working width)
     3.What's the gauage and stitch length you request? (such as 1/10"GG,3/8"GG,etc.)
     4.What special demands else?

Q2:What's the MOQ, Delivery time, and payment terms?
A2: 1. MOQ: 1 set
     2. Delivery time: 20 workdays after receiving T/T 30% payment deposit
     3. Payment Term: T/T 30% as deposit, T/T 70% before shipment or L/C at sight

Our Service:
1. Warranty
One years from B/L date ,no include easy broken parts.If the spare parts is broken in the warranty period , we will send a free replacement parts .
2. Installation and Training
We send 1-2 engineers to buyers to install and test run the machines and training,all the charges for the engineers should be paid by buyer.
3. Quotation Valid
The quotation is available in 60 days
In cruise ships,bathmats,rugs with special shapes or wall-to-wall carpet in the entrance hall of a building or in your home,artificial grass and so on:for each floor application MTC Tufting Machinery is able to provide solution that is perfectly adapted to the customer's demands

The customer specifies the machine gauge based upon the type of carpet desired .Machine gauge varies considerably . Typical gauges are 1/16", 5/64", 1/10", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4".Cut pile carpets have practically no gauge limitations above the minimum distance between 2 needles(1/16", or 1.5mm) .Other special gauges are available upon request .
There are basically three parameters that effect carpet appearance and weight other than gauge. These are pile height, stitch length and yarn characteristics .Yarn for more information on yarn types. For now, we will cover only the machine settings:pile height and stitch length .
1. Stitch Length-Stitch length is measured in stitches per linear unit of measure of carpet .Itis varied by increasing or decreasing the primary backing feed rate relative to the machine speed . The faster the primary backing feed rate,the fewer stitches per inch and the lighter the carpet.The adjustment is done in one of three methods:
a. Standard Cloth Feed-By changing or adjusting variable pitch pulleys .
b. MTC Primary Backing Feed-By changing MTC ratio.
c. Command Performance Servo Driven Cloth Feed-By changing stitch rate at Command Performance control panel.
2.Pile Height-Pile height is a very important adjustment that has a major impact on the finished carpet .In essence, pile height is changed by adjusting the distance from cloth to hooks or loopers. The greater this distance, the longer the pile height .It should be noted that large changes to pile height will require changes to the needle drive cam and push rods in order to ensure that the needles retract from the backing by an appropriate amount .

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